A Better Life Starts With Your Cleaning Supplies




Have you ever felt like some of the cleaning supplies that you use make it hard to breathe? That you need to wash the area you just cleaned because it feels or looks like there are chemicals still on it? Have you ever been concerned that the cleaning supplies you use aren’t safe for your pets or small children?

This month we celebrate Earth Day and I feel like this is the best time to talk about natural safe cleaning supplies. It is important to be educated with what cleaning supplies you are using in your home.

There are many benefits to using natural cleaning supplies. You can have a healthier home, purer environment, safer products, better air quality, knowledge about your products, and spend less. You can reduce the number of harmful chemicals being released into the waterways and into the air. Switching even one of your cleaning supplies such as a household cleaning spray to a natural product can reduce the chance of developing asthma.

If you do a little research, you can find some good recipes for making your own cleaning supplies. Most of the recipes only require between 2-4 ingredients that you probably have in your pantry. If you have lemon, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, olive oil, and baking soda you could start right after reading this article. A few good recipes for natural cleaning supplies come from

In our industry we are constantly looking at what type of cleaning supplies are on the market.  I had the great privilege to meet with the creators of Better Life cleaning products. In 2008 they created a new line of plant-derived, non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaners that would defy expectations for safety and performance. They have some of the best cleaning supplies which I have personally tested against the standard store brands. I would recommend the All Purpose Cleaner (Whatever), Wood Polish (Oak-y-Dokey), and the Floor Cleaner (Simply Floored). For more information visit

Consider taking a few minutes to change your cleaning supplies. It will be worth it to change even one product in your home. Let us know if you would like us to come in and do a cleaning with your natural cleaning supplies. Neatly Clean would be happy to use any special cleaner you leave out for us during your clean.

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