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Spring Cleaning Projects To Add To Your “To Do” List


Spring will be here before you know it, Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog said so. Your house has been closed up all winter with the dust, pet dander, and flu germs. It is time to open up the windows and start spring cleaning. Here are a few tips on what to do when tackling your spring cleaning projects.

Spring cleaning is important because it means addressing the dirty places and items in your home that don’t get done during a maintenance cleaning. Kitchens and bathrooms are the two areas in your home that need the most spring cleaning. These things do not need to be done weekly, biweekly, or even monthly. These are the cleaning items that need to be done just once or twice a year like in the Spring or Fall.

The number one request for the kitchen is washing the tops and fronts of the kitchen cabinets. Start at the top of the kitchen cabinets where most people have decorations and fake plants. You should remove each item and soak them in Dawn dish soap and water. The Dawn will remove any grease and dust build up on your decorations without being abrasive. Try this on the fake plants as well and then set them outside to dry. The best products to use on the cabinets depend on what finish is on them. If the cabinet is made of wood, then use two capfuls of Murphy’s oil soap in a bucket of warm water to wash and dry the cabinets. All other finishes should be able to handle a gentle all-purpose cleaner.

Another spot in the kitchen would be spring cleaning the appliances. Pay attention to the refrigerator. Remove all items from the refrigerator and throw away items that are past the expiration date. You can then organize the shelves by produce, meats, and condiments. To clean the shelves use an all-purpose cleaner and water or a natural vinegar and water. Do the same thing for the freezer side.

Spring cleaning a bathroom is another area highly requested to clean. The areas to focus on in this room is the buildup in the bottom of the tub. Also clean the fronts of the bathroom cabinets and wash the walls, especially around the area of the toilet. Don’t forget to replace the liner in the shower.

Here is a list below of spring cleaning projects to add to your “to do” list.

  • Wash baseboards, doors, and trim throughout your home

  • Dust all light bulbs

  • Wash light fixtures and fans

  • Wash bedding and blankets

  • Vacuum curtains

  • Wash outside and top of kitchen cabinets

  • Clean the inside of the refrigerator

  • Clean the inside of the oven

  • Scrub shower and tile floor grout

  • Wash outside of bathroom cabinets

  • Wash walls ( high traffic areas)

  • Sanitize salt and pepper shakers

  • Sanitize remote controls

  • Clean inside garbage disposal

  • Wash pet food stations

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