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Tips To Remove Unwanted Cold And Flu Germs In Your Home

Sick Woman. Flu. Woman Caught Cold. Sneezing into Tissue

You spent your entire holiday vacation either getting over the cold and flu, or taking care of someone who was infected by it. Congratulations – your house is now full of unwanted germs! If you aren’t careful, you could infect other loved ones or yourself all over again. The battle against cold and flu season is a tough one, but with a few helpful cleaning tips, you can annihilate those nasty germs.

Start with the laundry:

Any sheets, pillows, and blankets that the infected person was in contact with needs to be put into the washing machine. Do not forget the couch pillows and throw blankets used to cozy up with while resting.

Also, think about the towels and wash cloths from the bathrooms. The number one towel to make sure that you remove and replace is the hand towel.

Everyone loves comfy clothes when they are sick, but pajamas, sweatshirts, etc. that were worn during that time need to be laundered right away.

All laundry should be cleaned at a “hot” temperature to kill any lingering germs. A commonly forgotten hiding spot for germs is your laundry baskets. To completely disinfect them, simply mix 1/3 parts vinegar and 2/3 parts water in a spray bottle, and spritz the bottom and sides of the baskets.

Everything you touch:

Once your clothes are in the wash, start making a list of everything in the home that was touched. You will need to sanitize every door knob, all of the switch plates, remote controls, fridge and cabinet handles, faucets, and toys.

Other items to consider disinfecting are the mouse, keyboards, touch screens, and cell phones.

Lastly, think of any surfaces that germs may have come into contact with, such as bedside tables, countertops, table tops and chairs.

What you put into your mouth:

Many clients forget about sanitizing the toothbrush. The best way to eliminate cold and flu germs would be to soak the toothbrush in a sanitizing mouthwash, denture tablets, or boiling water for two minutes. Another idea is to put it in a cup of hydrogen peroxide for 30 minutes. It would also be worth going to the store and buying a new one so that you have a clean slate with a germ-free toothbrush.

The dirtiest area:

The bathroom should get extra TLC, especially if the person who was sick had a cold or the flu. Some areas that will need special attention are the toilet, countertop surfaces, faucets, light switches, door knobs, and hand towels.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to remove lingering germs throughout your home in one afternoon of focused cleaning. If you don’t want to tackle the cleaning, just give Neatly Clean a call at 309-948-6700. We would love to help!