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3 Organizing Tips That Will Change Your Life

calendarIt’s a new year! If you had time to reflect on last year, you may find that you would love to do some things better. Maybe you want to be a better person, have a better attitude, be more kind, get better sleep, but over and over I hear, “I want to be more organized in my life”. Here are 3 organizing tips to point you in the right direction.

Declutter your living spaces:

How can you stay organized if you have piles and piles of stuff sitting in corners and on top of tables? Tackle one room at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself thinking you can organize every closet and room in a day. The easiest way to eliminate is to buy three bins. Mark them as: Keep, Donate, and Throw Away. Stick to the plan and discard them immediately. Give every item you keep a home. Organized people keep order by storing things properly and by labeling storage spaces.

Creating a monthly calendar and centralized work area:

Now that your rooms are decluttered you can start planning. Buy a large dry erase board and hang it somewhere easily accessible. Start by writing your own appointments: hair, dentist, doctor, girls night out etc. Next add other individuals in the house. Give each person their own color. This way appointments will not be missed and you wont overbook yourself.  As you get better organizing the appointments you can add other schedules to the board. A great example would be a dinner menu or a cleaning schedule for the week.

Using technology can also make organizing even easier. Use a synchronized calendar app, where every member of your family can enter new updates, schedules and tasks that everyone can see. Doing this avoids conflicting schedules and keeps everyone informed of each other’s activities and whereabouts. The best one to currently use(and for free) would be google calendar. You can set this up in minutes.

Organizing Emails and Passwords:

Thirteen hours — 28 percent of our workweek —  is what the average person dedicates towards reading, deleting, sorting and sending emails, according to a report from the McKinsey Global Institute. Start organizing by reviewing all of your emails. If you haven’t read any subscriptions, blogs, or online publications in three months, it is time to unsubscribe from them.

Individuals have on average of 90 online accounts. That is a lot of passwords! Keep a record of your login in and passwords in an offline document. Get in the habit of updating the document as soon as you change or add a new login.

Now that you have some organizing tips, remember to start small. Be proud of what you accomplish and keep moving forward. If you need help with getting other things done while you organize, like house cleaning, please call Neatly Clean at 309-948-6700.