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Is Your Home Holiday Party Ready?


When preparing for a holiday party, you should focus on the following areas in your home: kitchen, entryway, bathroom, and living room. Most of your guests will be socializing in the kitchen area. It is usually where most guest linger, since this is where the food is usually presented.

When cleaning the kitchen:

  • Clean fronts of the kitchen cabinets(remove sticky food splatter or hand prints) and shine the handles
  • Make sure the kitchen countertops are cleared off and only set out the food or drinks applying to the party. This will keep the kitchen appearing neat and organized.
  • Cleaning and shining your stainless steel sinks, faucets, and appliances adds a little extra to making your kitchen sparkle. Neatly Clean uses Weimann Wipes to clean the stainless and then buffs the appliance with a soft microfiber to really make them shine.

If it is appropriate for your holiday party, have guests remove their shoes in the entryway. Prepare an area in the entry, perhaps with a bench or shoe rack where guests can sit and take off their shoes. This will keep dirt, snow, and salt from tracking into your living areas. Also, try and empty the coat closet prior to the party to make room for your guest’s coats, gloves, and hats.

Make sure before the holiday party that you tidy up your bathroom. Mostly the sink, toilet, and floors will be noticeable to your guests. Remove any extra clutter from your sink area and most importantly empty your garbage.  Be sure to set out fresh hand towels and nice hand soaps for the event. A decorative holiday candle or air freshener is the best way to keep the area smelling fresh and clean.

It is important that your guests feel comfortable at your holiday party. When preparing the living room area, start by removing extra clutter and knick knacks from your end tables. Arrange the furniture making sure that there are places for your guests to set their drinks and plates. While moving the furniture, make sure to vacuum underneath and inside of the cushions. An Area usually forgotten would be the lighting. Double check the lamp shades removing any dust or pet hair from them.

After a holiday party, the biggest clean-up will be the floors, mostly in the areas where the food and drinks are presented. It would be best to have this area over hard flooring (tile, hardwood etc.) and not carpeting, since you can clean up spills and food easier than on a carpeted area.

If you don’t have the energy for this task, Neatly Clean Inc. would be happy to do it. Just visit our booking page at