3 Organizing Tips That Will Change Your Life

The weather is getting colder and we are hearing from more and more clients that they need to catch up on cleaning their closets and organizing their lives again. The holidays will be hear before you know it and October is the best month to get ahead. Here are a few tips that will change your life.

Over the Door Shoe Organizer:

This is an easy buy from Target or Walmart. The clear plastic pockets work the best so you can see the items that you are organizing. This works great for a food pantry where you have tiny snack bags, spices, or candies. Another area would be in a children’s room for their small army men, Barbie’s, and little toy pieces. Also in a laundry room you can keep your cleaning supply bottles and sponges organized.

Using Technology to Organize:

Trusting technology can be difficult but here are two great apps that can really change the overflow of junk mail and help organize your e-bills. (which is free) will help you gather your financial documents into one spot, making it so you can quickly access them. The other app, which is $2 a month), will put an end to the junk mail. They can help get rid of the credit card offers and unwanted catalogs.

Start New Organizing Habits:

Every time you take out an article of clothing from your closet, put the hanger back at the same end of the rod. Collecting them all in one spot means never having to look for an empty hanger again. Another great habit is to throw away unwanted mail as soon as you bring it into the house. This will save you time later and also keep your counter less cluttered.

Just making the smallest changes in your everyday life will make you feel less anxious, keep your house in better shape, and give you more time to do other things. Neatly Clean can also help give you some extra time. You focus on organizing and leave the cleaning to us. Call us today at 309-948-6700 or visit us at

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